A Gift from the Gods

A Gift from the Gods

Esslin Terrighena welcomes the New Year in style at the lavish Solaire Resort Manila.

We all have the tendency to be constantly on-the-go, with more work than mere mortals can juggle – so why not let ourselves unwind on a luxurious holiday fit for the gods? Over-looking the beautiful Manila Bay, in the Philippines, Solaire offers 8.3 hectares of just the right mixture of luxury, class, and sophistication for your mind and body to indulge in relaxation.

Upon arriving at Solaire Resort Manila, one cannot help but marvel at the fabulous chandeliers, rich marble floors, thick lush carpets and tasteful, artistic interior design. From the moment we walked through the doors, I felt absorbed into a calm space of timelessness. Solaire combines aesthetic pleasure with smooth functionality. Everywhere you look, something will catch your eye, making you feel engaged and alive, yet never overwhelmed.

And it never gets boring. Each time you walk down the same path, something new will pop out at you. From the restaurants that skilfully align their interior to their authentic cuisine, past the distinguished whisky bar, to the refreshing swimming pool with cabañas hosting a perfect view of the Manila Bay sunset – every space you enter lets you immerse into a completely different world.

Your room at Solaire Resort Manila will become your chambers of luxury. Solaire’s Sky Tower has received the Forbes Travel Guide 5-Star Award two years in a row and entering this lavish suite, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, truly exceeds expectations. The seemingly limitless spaciousness made me want to exuberantly dance through the room, take a de-toxifying bath, and snuggle up under the luxurious bed sheets – all at the same time. And then there’s the humongous walk-in shower – If you’ve never lain down and stretched out in a rain shower, you have not lived.)

It is not surprising to feel mesmerised and elated while exploring the fortress that is Solaire Resort Manila: Psychological research confirms that bright environments stimulate all our senses while warm colours, engaging designs and balanced symmetry will have an uplifting effect on our moods. Solaire is the epitome of this, afforded by an impeccable attention to detail and consistency in providing nothing but the highest quality. The resulting enhancement of our well-being is further augmented by the proximity to, and indeed fantastic view of, the ocean, which is known to put our brains into a peaceful, meditative state.

So, if Solaire is our celestial palace of relaxation, what better to serve our inner gods than the nectar and ambrosia of plentiful retail therapy and spa pampering? You can saunter through all the luxury brands your heart desires, and Solaire goes above and beyond to deliver you the exclusivity you deserve: our favourite brands here feature some completely unique items that are showcased only in top locations. After savouring this elegance, indulge in one of Solaire’s tranquil spa treatments that will not only soothe your aching muscles, but also put you in a state of bliss. In fact, massages have been scientifically shown to slow our heart rate, decrease stress hormones, encourage the release of happy hormones, and boost our immune system – you’re getting an all-round wellness package.

At the heart of all these benefits to our wellbeing lie the unique, inspiring works of art that flow through the veins of Solaire like its life-force. Art is intrinsic to the very design of Solaire and adorns the walls throughout – it’s almost like Solaire is secretly a living museum. Enrique K. Razon, chairman and president of International Container Terminal Services and Bloomberg Resorts Co., whose crown jewel is Solaire, is a loyal supporter of Filipino art ranging from famous pieces to the promotion of upcoming talented artists. Art evokes emotion in us, inspires our creativity, and activates our playful mind. Play and stress do not co-exist: without us even knowing, every single art piece you pass gently washes away the tension in your head and shoulders. Art permeates every aspect of Solaire, stimulating all your senses. The fine-dining cuisine thrills your eyes, palate and nose with its artistic fusion of exciting tastes, elegant wine, and masterful presentation, while pastry chef Austine Caseñas delights your ears with opera renditions in multiple languages.

And if that’s not enough to refresh the recuperating souls of the gods, Solaire can also throw one hell of a party and the deep cultural connection to the Philippines is also reflected in Solaire’s entertainment offering. Solaire’s 1,740-seat state-of-the-art theatre has hosted world-class productions and both international and local stars but the resort’s New Year’s Eve party rivalled anything the property has hosted. With a spectacular show by top Filipino stars Martin Nieverra and Morisette, and a sky filled with fireworks, we truly welcomed 2019 in style. But the fun does not stop here: Broadway musical Phantom of the Opera will be on Solaire’s stage in February. Something not to be missed!

Solaire is the perfect place to really sink into comfort, indulge in pampering, and enjoy the finer things in life – all while restoring your wellbeing and health with ease. So how is it possible for Solaire to create such a luxurious oasis in the hustle and bustle of Manila? I found the beauty and strength of Solaire to be strongly rooted in its community spirit. Team members genuinely care about each other and dance in unison to ensure everything runs smoothly. The management encourages initiative, creativity and responsibility in the team – every person is important, every idea is heard. All staff play their part and pride themselves in crafting the perfect experience for all Solaire guests and it is this authentic warmth and attentiveness that makes your stay at Solaire more than just a holiday but a true gift from the gods.

Entertainment City, 1 Aseana Ave, Parañaque, 1701 Metro Manila, Philippines; Tel: +63 2 888 8888; www.solaireresort.com

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