G Adventures for Good

Support local community initiatives as you travel with G Adventures’ new community development projects, which recently launched in aid of International Women’s Day. The travel company has partnered with the Planeterra Foundation to support 13 community initiatives worldwide, each dedicated to helping women redefine their roles in society by providing access to dignified jobs, reliable income and job-training. During the 12-day Discover Sri Lanka tour with National Geographic Journeys, visit the Sthree Craft Shop and Café, which Planeterra granted US$30,000 to renovate and outfit the Center’s working space, transforming it into a commercial craft shop and café that brings vital income to the community. On the Classic 12-day G Adventures tour of Cape and Namibia Adventure, there are opportunities to visit Penduka, in Windhoek, a restaurant and handicraft workshop which directly employs 30 disadvantaged women and creates livelihoods for more than 300 others; while the Classic 15-day Absolute Turkey tour will introduce travellers to Cöp(m)adam, a Turkish social enterprise in Ayvalik that leverages the creative talent embedded within the local culture and provides environmentally-impactful opportunities for the city’s women. www.gadevntures.com

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