Noise No More

Whether you’re flying long-haul on a red eye or simply trying to shut out the sounds of a city that doesn’t want to sleep, the new noise-masking Sleepbuds from sound gurus Bose promise to keep the world beyond at bay. These tiny, truly wireless earbuds combine an ultra-comfortable design with soothing, meditative sounds to block, cover, and replace the most common noises that interfere with sleep. The smallest product the company has ever made, and the first to use sleep masking technology –which in some instances is even more effective than noise-cancelling – the Sleepbuds come pre-loaded with 10 ‘sleeptracks’ that mirror the frequencies of snoring, neighbours, dogs, traffic, and more – hiding them beneath a layer of relaxing audio for up to 16 hours. Ambient sound is also kept out thanks to new patented ear tips that offer a snug, soft, barely-felt fit, and when the Sleepbuds are not in use, they charge in a chic brushed aluminum case, secured by magnets.

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