Welcome to another issue of Explorer, the environmentally-friendly digital travel magazine for true world wanderers. In this issue we go to extremes, from the frozen climes of the Canadian Arctic, to the throbbing commercial capital of India, to the serene landscapes of the world’s best cycling routes. We kick off with the polar bears and rich polar history of the Northwest Passage, a route across the top of the world that was, until relatively recently, unpassable. Today, a handful of adventure specialists like OneOcean offer seasonal opportunities to pass through the Canadian Archipelago and marvel and this remote Arctic wonderland. From the Arctic to the beach, we stop in at Port Douglas, a family travel favourite in Australia’s north that’s home to the ancient Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. We check in at some of Mumbai’s coolest boutique hotels, check out service aboard Cathay Pacific on route to the Maldives, and hit the trail on two wheels with some of the world’s most iconic cycling routes. Wherever you’re headed to this season, we hope Explorer continues to inspire your adventures along the way.

Safe Travels,
David Leung

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